RF Microsystems is a small company that offers a wide range of IT solutions.

We cater to the needs of home PC users as well as small- to medium-sized businesses.

Repairs & Upgrades

We provide a free estimate of the cost of a repair and upgrade. All repairs and upgrades are thoroughly tested and monitored for the best performance.

System Health Checks

We offer free health checks with any work that is undertaken. In addition, we will provide valuable advice on maintenance, anti-virus and spyware protection.

Fast and Efficient

We aim to be fast and efficient in all aspects of our work. This includes any business or personal work, including repairs, upgrades and entirely new installations.

One of the advantages of using RF Microsystems is that we provide bespoke or custom-built systems that, unlike most companies, RF Microsystem will hand-pick and specifically ensure the correct components are selected for any given budget, providing you with the best performance-to-money ratio.

We provide repairs on ALL models of home computers at your home or at our workshop

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